Solar Smart Watch

STEVAL-GPT001V1 is an evaluation kit developed by ST Microelectronics integrating Ribes Tech Photovoltaic films. It’s a BLE multi-sensor wearable unit based on STM32 and several MEMS sensors hosted by a silicon strap and powered by the SPV1050TTR energy harvester and battery charger.

It houses a set of flexible photovoltaic modules developed by Ribes Tech, integrated on both quadrant and lateral straps top surfaces. The photovoltaic films provide power to the energy harvester increasing the autonomy of the system by storing energy into the battery as alternative to micro USB charger. Energy are efficiently provided by the PV modules even in indoor low-light conditions (down to 200 lux)

PV films were developed by Ribes Tech on specific requirements of the customer, leding to an easy to integrate, conformable and appealing energy harvesting solution.