Printed Electronics

Our technology allows us to print electronic circuitry on almost any substrate: glass, plastic (ranging from 200µm down to 1µm), paper, etc. Transparency (up to 90%) and flexibility (down to 6mm bending radius) have already been demonstrated in our labs. Frequency performance of our transistors finds our technology aligned with the state-of-art of printed and … Continue reading Printed Electronics

Flexible Photovoltaics

We print photovoltaic inks on simple plastic foils in any shape or color. The resulting modules are flexible and extremely lightweight (few hundred grams per square meter). Initially developed and optimized for converting sunlight into electricity, we soon found out that our technology is actually very effective also for indoor applications, where it is the … Continue reading Flexible Photovoltaics

Smart Materials

Integrating new functionalities  that provide smart behavior to everyday’s object. This is possible thanks to our printed photochromic, termochromic and electrocromic technologies. Photochromic materials change color when irradiated with UV light. Termochromic materials bleach above a customizable temperature threshold. Electrochromic materials change color when exposed to an electric field.